The Biewer Terrier Club of America, Inc. is America's choice for the dedicated Biewer Fancier. We are the only Biewer Breed Club committed to only breeding tested Biewer Terrier to Biewer Terrier in order to insure the purebred development of the Biewer Terrier. We welcome all persons dedicated to building a solid, healthy foundation for the Biewer Terrier, whether a breeder or a pet owner.

Our concerns lie with the betterment of this Biewer breed through our involvement in programs that can educate us on what the Biewer Terrier is and how to better develop it. Our continuous research and study of the Biewer Terrier's genetic make-up better equips us to breed to a standard that is uniquely the Biewer Terrier. We can also achieve a better understanding of the possible health issues which may be associated with the Biewer Terrier and strive to alleviate them before they occur. 

Although the Biewer Terrier is a relative to the Yorkshire Terrier it is evident that they are not the same breed. After two years of working with world  renown geneticists at Mars Veterinary, we have been able to establish that the Biewer Terrier is a completely separate breed with a genetic make up, unique to the Biewer Terrier. 
List of purebred breeds: Wisdom Panel - Breeds Detected. Below is a copy of the Purebred Biewer Terrier description you will be seeing on the Wisdom Panel web site. Due to the tireless efforts of the BTCA team, this is another monumental step forward for the establishment of the Biewer Terrier. Our members should take great pride in belonging to the only club that is diligently working for the betterment and recognition of the breed.

Working side by side with BTRA we are on the cutting edge of science to give our breeders better tools to help them create SUPERIOR Biewer Terrier Puppies.... the best in health, temperament, structure, and overall quality. We register all of our dogs with BTRA, the only purebred Biewer Terrier registry in America. Developing a new breed takes the dedication and love of serious breeders. Gayle Pruett and Mryna Torres together wrote a nice little article they would like to share explaining what it takes to develop a new breed. "Developing a New Breed"

The Biewer Terrier Club of America continues to pave the way for the Biewer Terriers purebred acceptance worldwide. We are making the dream that Mr. and Mrs. Biewer began our reality. We are privileged to know that dream because we are the ONLY club that had the backing of Mrs. Biewer. 

For answers to frequently asked questions, please visit our Question and Answers page. If you have a question that has not been answered please email us and we'll answer it as soon as possible.
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As the world turns, the Biewer Terrier is finding its place of prominence in the purebred dog community. South Africa's KUSA was the first to accept the breed and now Brazil's CBKC has added the Biewer Terrier to it's list of purebred dogs. 

The KUSA has placed the Biewer Terrier in the Toy Breed Class and is in the developing breed stage.

Thanks to our Brazilian member Catia Pampolini, the Biewer Terrier has been accepted by the CBKC. The Biewer Terrier is in group 11which is similar to the AKC FSS

​Many thanks to our local member Bill Henry for taking the time and energy to travel to the Bahamas and work with the Bahamas Kennel Club to get the Biewer Terrier recognized. The BKC is an AKC approved club and we look forward to the opportunity to be able to show our beloved breed next time we vacation in the Bahamas. 
Mrs. Biewer