The Biewer Terrier Club of America, Inc.(known as the National breed club) is a non-profit organization comprised of both National and International members. Most of our members are breeders and exhibitors, although it is not necessary to be either in order to join. 

The diversity of our members is an asset to the club as some members have opted to train their dogs in the fields of service and therapy work in addition to the show ring and breeding programs. The rewards reaped by such work are insurmountable. Whether you are a breeder or a pet owner, the love of the Biewer Terrier is the common bond of this club.

The majority of the club member breeders have been breeding Yorkies for over 10 to 20 years and are quite knowledgeable with the health issues associated with the Yorkshire Terrier breed and other small breed dogs in general. This experience is invaluable when it comes to breeding, whelping and caring for the dogs. Before acquiring their Biewer Terriers our breeders conducted extensive research on this breed in order to produce the healthiest, best quality Biewer offspring possible. Our members have a variety of top champion bloodlines amongst them and will be working together to ensure that they are not breeding the same lines too closely. 

Not only is it the responsibility of the parent club to preserve and protect its breed but it is also responsible for the education on the standard of the breed and to see to the health and welfare of the breed. With Mrs. Biewer joining the BTCA, Inc. in Nov. of 2007, we have been better able to educate the public about the history of the Biewer Terrier. Her knowledge of the early problems incurred in the development of the Biewer breed has been invaluable in our breeding programs. 

The Biewer Terrier Club, BTCA, Inc., is run by a board elected by its members and welcomes and encourages the input of all of its members. In order to become a member you must be 18 years of age or older. Anyone meeting the requirements may apply for membership. Once you have applied, your application will be put before the board members for consideration. Upon approval you will be sent a letter of acknowledgment and your yearly dues will be collected at that time. BTCA meetings will be held at the time of a dog show, other general gatherings or over the Internet due to the diverse locations of our members.

It is the obligation and responsibility of a breeder to put together a first rate and ethical breeding program. By studying the health issues, character traits and history associated with the Biewer Terrier, the ultimate goal is to produce the best quality puppies possible. The code of ethics and breeding rules are examples of what every good breeder does to ensure that you receive a happy, healthy, well-socialized puppy.

With the knowledge learned from the many tests conducted and seminars we have attended we have made decisions that we feel will better our breeding programs and help us produce the healthiest most beautiful Biewer Terriers possible. Since we have such a diverse amount of lineages we do not allow breeding Yorkies with our Biewers and we strongly encourage members to work together with stud services to strengthen the better qualities of each breeding bitch.

After testing over 30 different lineages, we find we have a new and distinct breed, which is the Biewer Terrier. The standard that we will breed too and show too, is the standard that best fits our exquisite Biewer Terrier. 

We are proud to be a part in the development of this remarkable new breed, the Biewer Terrier and we welcome everybody to become involved in this exciting part of the Biewer Terrier history.

The Biewer Terrier Club of America, Inc. welcomes you. If you ever have any questions concerning the Biewer Breed, please contact one of our many experienced and knowledgable members. 

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Science has proven that the Biewer Terrier is a distinct breed of its own and not a mix breed. Beware of claims that all Biewers are purebreds.  
Do a blood test through Mars and find out for yourself.
Mrs. Biewer graciously signed the BTCA, Inc. logo for Gayle Pruett on her last trip to Germany. The BTCA members were given the same opportunity to have a picture of their Biewer Terrier signed by Mrs. Biewer also, as she was more than happy to do this favor for Gayle. 

We urge everyone to display their autographed pictures in support of the Biewer Terrier  world wide.
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